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Release Date


  1. Big Bag
  2. All Black (feat. VNCE CARTER)
  3. 1 Of (feat. VNCE CARTER)
  4. Home
  5. Hunnid
  6. Funds (feat. VNCE CARTER)
  7. Still Dreamin' (feat. VNCE CARTER)
  8. What U Want

GLOOM is the state of mind the young 20 year old rapper was in while recording his most recent EP. The last few months have been very positive for Mike Shabb, the followers and play are racking up, YouTube influencers are shouting out his name out, but the growing pains of being a young artist are alive and well for the Montrealer. Caught in a funk, he headed down to L.A. to exchange bars and beats with other MCs & beatmakers and came back home with GLOOM, his best effort to date.