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We Share Our Blood Remixes

Release Date


  1. K-Yen Dreamin (Mobilegirl Remix)
  2. Escape (Foxtrott Remix)
  3. Down (DJ J Heat Remix)
  4. Down (FJAAK Remix)
  5. Down (Minimal Violence Remix)
  6. We Share Our Blood (Biome Remix)
  7. Hypersensis (DEBBY FRIDAY Remix)
  8. Escape (Superficie Remix)

With We Share Our Blood Remixes, Ouri’s Ghostly International debut EP is deftly reconfigured by eight of her favorite producers. A borderless artist in vision and reach — hailing from South America by way of France, now based in Montreal — Ouri invited edits from all over, connecting hues from a wide range of underground electronic spectrums. The result is a rapid-fire series of stylistic and impressionistic flips from a global cortege drawing from Latin dance, Jersey club, hard techno, noise-punk, deconstructed baile funk and beyond.

Manchester heavyweight Biome brings a bass-heavy take to the title track. Berlin-based Discwoman affiliate Bao-Tran Tran aka Mobilegirl accelerates “K-Yen Dreamin,” adding brightness and bounce to the original’s haze. Nigeria-born, Vancouver-based artist Debby Friday gives “Hypersensis” a dissonant grit. Montreal’s Marie-Hélène L. Delorme aka Foxtrott reimagines “Escape” with pop sheen, while Brazilian producer Superfície reengineers the track as a technologized weapon. “Down” is seen from three strikingly different angles. Newark, New Jersey’s DJ J Heat primes it for club use. German duo FJAAK add a woozy undertone and hammering kicks. Vancouver duo Minimal Violence pitch Ouri’s vocal harmonies over outbursts of industrial rave-ready programming. As a whole, the eclectic-yet-interconnected set befits an artist whose output shifts shape with ease and ambition.